Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mo Go

Big Moai Head. Hey, Big Mo, you want to mow lawn? yuk yuk yuk.

Vladimir! You are mean. He is guest, like us.

All the way from Easter Island, are you EGG HEAD? yuk yuk yuk!

остановитесь! Stop throwing insults.

I rather throw him! Back to Easter Island! Where is Easter Island?


So, he is "Moai" from Eastern Islands. Which Eastern Island - Nantucket? Big Deal, Russia is farther by much. - Vladimir

I think he said EASTER ISLAND, not Eastern Islands - Greta

Easter Island then, not spring from ground like tulip! We were not born last week, for what does he tell us these ложь?! - Vladimir

Perhaps he jokes with us. You have such easy buttons, Vladimir. - Greta

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What a gnuisance!

Mr. Giant Head With Big Nose is раздражающий me!

Oh, продвиньтесь, Vladimir!! Do not judge so harsh on him, he is новый

But, Greta, this is our город...We made our footprints here! First!

Vladimir, do you not listen to my слова? Remember, this is People's Republik of Cambridge, not Gnomes' Republik of Cambridge...we may open the worms if we bite our thumbs at him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heads Up

My but he should have such very vigorous roots! - Greta

нет, нет, Greta, I do not believe he grow up from ground like tulip, Pooff, overnight. It is not possible. нет. - Vladimir

But where from then did he originate? He was not there, and then, forthwith, he was there! Overnight! - Greta

If he grow up from ground, then he is like weed -- invasive species of weed. This is our lawn... - Vladimir

Oh Vladimir, he is not nuisancing us. He is not even taking much territory... -Greta

...our yard... - Vladimir

...and is profoundly quiet... - Greta

...our family... - Vladimir

Beside, if he speaks the truth and did grow from ground like tulip, then he will return to soil very soon. We will see. - Greta

...invasive weed...- Vladimir

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gnew Guy

Where did HE come from? - Vlad

He is not much friendly...I am somewhat боясь. - Greta

ХА! Do not be afraid of Mr. Giant Head with Big Nose and агрессивный attitude, I protect us. - Vlad

Listen, Vladimir, he hums. It is very low, can you hear it? quite...похожий на привидение. - Greta

These are our семья...this is our house... - Vlad

His face does not be happy...maybe we take first move and say "привет"? - Greta

...our yard... - Vlad

What is this humming? It is very...powerful...- Greta

We were here first. - Vlad

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